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COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines for Customers

    We understand you may have some questions about how to prepare for your fishing trip this year. These frequently asked questions will help you stay safe and enjoy your time on the water.

    How does COVID-19 affect fishing trips?

    In most parts of the world, fisheries are functioning in a similar way as before the outbreak. However, many captains have introduced health measures to make sure your trip is safe. It’s highly likely that the trip you take will be private instead of a shared trip. Departure times may be slightly different to make sure the captains have enough time to disinfect their vessel and equipment. 

    The captain may only offer morning or afternoon trips. Talk to the captain you’re booking with to learn more about the specific precautions they have in place. You can ask about the measures they’re taking by following these steps.

    I fall into the at-risk category, what precautions should I take?

    If you’re over 65 or have pre-existing medical conditions, and there are COVID-19 cases in the area, consider postponing your trip to a later date. If you feel comfortable going on a trip, make sure you inform the captain of your situation and encourage them to be extra thoughtful. 

    If you have to travel to the departure point, use a private vehicle, and avoid crowds. Bring hand sanitizer, face coverings, and gloves to minimize your risks. It’s also beneficial to stay informed of local COVID-19 cases in the area where you’ll be fishing.

    How do I know the boat is safe?

    We encourage all captains to thoroughly clean and disinfect their boats, as well as the fishing equipment they offer.

    Use our Instant Messaging feature to contact your captain in advance and find out more about their safety practices. This way, you can also let the captain know if you have any special requests regarding your trip.

    Is it safe to fish in groups?

    Physical contact with infected people is the main way of spreading COVID-19. The CDC recommends social distancing and encourages people to stay in their circle of family and friends with whom they are generally in contact. With this in mind, booking shared trips with people you don’t know puts you at a higher risk of getting infected. 

    Consider booking a private charter to limit your contact with strangers. Many captains have reduced the number of passengers they allow on board in line with government regulations. 

    Reach out to the captain using our Instant Messaging feature and check if there are any specific rules about the types of groups who can fish together.

    Will the captain provide hand sanitizer and face coverings?

    We encourage all captains to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer on board. Get in touch with the captain ahead of time using our Instant Messaging feature and get information on what they provide.

    If you only feel comfortable fishing with a crew while they’re wearing face masks, communicate this to the captain before your trip. Ask your captain if they expect you to wear a face mask as well.

    What should I bring?

    Bring your own hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, or anything else you want to have on-hand. 

    Depending on the captain, you may be provided with these. However, the best way to ensure that you’ll have everything you need is to bring it yourself.

    Should I bring my own gear?

    Most captains provide fishing gear on board. Ask your captain ahead of time through our Instant Messaging if they wear gloves and disinfect the equipment regularly.

    If you feel more comfortable bringing your own fishing gear, contact your captain in advance to check if they agree. Make sure you clean and disinfect your equipment before the trip to ensure the safety of your captain and everyone on board. Note that some captains have limited space on their boats, so please inform them if you plan on bringing your own equipment.

    How do I find out what measures my captain is taking?

    The best way to be sure about what precautions your captain is taking on board is to communicate with them before the trip. Use our Instant Messaging feature found under the “About the Captain” section of the listing and ask about anything you’re interested in. 

    This is also a good way to communicate your expectations ahead of time when it comes to trip safety.

    Will I get a refund if I cancel due to COVID-19?

    Canceling due to COVID-19 and other illnesses is covered in our Extenuating Circumstances Policy. We will review the cancellation and may ask for supporting documentation. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a full refund. You may be offered a choice between a full refund of your deposit or FishingBooker credits of equivalent or larger value than your deposit.

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