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How can I export my FishingBooker calendar?

    FishingBooker allows you to export your calendar as an iCal so that you can automatically update your availability across all channels, such as Google and Apple Calendar. 

    To export your FishingBooker calendar, follow these steps:

    • Go to your Calendar
    • Select Sync calendars.
    • Click Create iCal link.
    • Copy the iCal for each listing and paste it to the "Import calendar" section of any other calendar you use

    Please note that the Export calendar feature will only sync information regarding your upcoming accepted bookings from your FishingBooker calendar.

    To ensure a 2-way sync with other channels, be sure to export your FishingBooker calendar and import your external calendar.


    For information on importing an online calendar to your FishingBooker calendar, read this article.

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