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What is the status of my reservation?

    To see the current status of your reservation, go to your Bookings and you'll see one of the following Reservation Statuses:

    • Pending Confirmation – Your reservation request was successfully submitted and is waiting for the captain's response. Captains have 24 hours to respond to a request before it is automatically declined. At this point, the funds are reserved and still on your account until the request has been confirmed.
    • Confirmed – Your booking request has been confirmed by the captain or automatically confirmed if you booked via Instant Book. At this point, FishingBooker has charged your Credit Card/PayPal for the deposit.
    • Rescheduling – You have requested to change the date of your trip and the captain has not responded yet. Captains have 24 hours to respond to this request before it is automatically declined and the date reverted to your original one.
    • Request Declined – The captain is unable to accommodate you and has declined your booking request. FishingBooker will handle your booking request by suggesting alternative dates or charters, as well as releasing the funds in the event that alternative dates onboard the same charter do not suit you.
    • Declined – No further changes can be made to your request as the requested decline has been fully processed. The deposit for your trip has been released back to you.
    • Cancel Requested – FishingBooker is processing a cancellation request submitted by either you or the captain. At this point, FishingBooker will check if it's possible to reschedule, or we will process the full cancellation and send the funds according to the captain’s cancellation policy.
    • Canceled – Once the requested cancellation has been fully processed, no further changes can be made to your reservation. The deposit amount will be handled according to the captain's cancellation policy. 

    Please note that cancellation requests made due to Bad Weather and Mechanical Issues need to be confirmed by the captain before the funds are released.

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