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How does FishingBooker work?

    Interested in booking a fishing trip? Here’s how we work:

    FishingBooker is an online marketplace that allows customers to find the perfect fishing charter while helping captains find their next guests. We connect thousands of anglers with fishing guides in more than 100 countries around the world. 

    There are no additional or recurring costs for booking through FishingBooker – you pay the same as when you book directly.


    Looking to book your next fishing adventure? Finding the perfect fishing trip on FishingBooker is easy! You simply search for a location, explore the offer we have there, and request to book a trip with a captain. Everything is there to help you make the best choice: the price, pictures, reviews, and details on what you can expect from each trip. You can pay the deposit in advance through FishingBooker, and then pay the remaining balance to the charter operator once you arrive for your fishing trip. Or you can choose to pay in full if the captain has the Online Payments option activated.

    We guarantee that the prices you find with us are the lowest ones online! If you happen to find a cheaper option, we'll refund the difference.

    Are you a charter operator that wants to join over 6,000 captains and guides? Join FishingBooker today and start filling up your calendar! 

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