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What should I do if the trip I booked doesn't meet my expectations?

    If the charter boat you booked doesn't meet your expectations, or you think there are amenities missing or broken, you should raise your concerns with the captain immediately. The sooner you raise your concerns, the sooner they can help resolve them. 

    Please note that shortly after your trip is done you will be able to review your experience for other anglers to see. However, we advise communicating with the captain directly to provide them with valid feedback so that they can improve their service.

    If you think there are amenities missing or broken, or that the charter operator is not advertised accurately on FishingBooker, please contact us with all the details and evidence to support your claim.
    We advise you to keep all correspondence with the captain in written form and take photos or videos supporting your complaint. This will help us review your case.

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