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What documents do I need to provide to be listed on FishingBooker?

    In order to become verified on FishingBooker, you'll need to provide the following documents (click on each to find out more):


    Photo ID

    We ask for proof of ID to be able to connect our captains to their profiles. We have to know who is responsible for taking customers out fishing, and/or who is responsible for the business being advertised on FishingBooker. 


    Captain's License

    We have to know that the person taking people out on the water has the expertise to safely drive a boat. The easiest way to be sure is to have proof that someone is a licensed captain or skipper (depending on where you live).

    We need to see the reference number of your Captain's License so that we can check its validity online. This also means that, when your document expires, we can check if it has been renewed in the USCG database without asking you to send your Merchant Mariner Credential again. 


    Local Fishing License

    This license has a different name depending on where you live: Charter Fishing License, Party Boat License, Guide License, Outfitter's Registration, Business License, etc.

    This license allows you to take paying passengers fishing and usually costs several hundred dollars. It is different from an individual fishing license because it often covers your passengers as well.

    It also allows you to dock in local ports and bring any fish you caught back to land (even if you caught it in federal waters).

    You still need this license even if you have a Federal Permit! For fishing licenses in each state, please click here


    Boat Registration Certificate

    We require a Boat Registration Certificate to know that the boat is properly registered


    Insurance Policy

    In places where it is mandated by law, you’ll be required to provide proof of insurance.



    To upload your documents, go to your Credentials Dashboard and submit everything required. 

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