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What do I do if a customer wants to reschedule their trip?

    If a customer wants to reschedule their trip, they can submit a Booking Change Request. Once they submit a request to reschedule their trip, you'll be notified via email, SMS, and a notification in the Captain App, and  you can accept or decline the request 

    If you can accommodate their change booking request, accept it through your FishingBooker account. The trip will be automatically updated in the system and the original trip date will reopen in your FishingBooker calendar.

    If you decline their change booking request, the trip will remain confirmed for the original trip date.

    You can also submit a Booking Change Request instead by following these steps: 

    1. Go to your Bookings.
    2. Find the booking in question under the upcoming trips section and click on View Details.
    3. Click Change Booking and choose one or more of the three change options.

    Please note that the customer will need to accept your booking change request.

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