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How do I contact the customer?

    Contacting your customers is an essential part of providing a first-rate service. That's why, at FishingBooker, we let customers get in touch with you before they've even booked. Our Instant Messaging service provides fast and easy communication with your customers and, once they've booked, you can even call or e-mail them. 

    Before a trip is confirmed

    You can talk to customers once they send you a message or a booking request. You can see all of your conversations in your Inbox. You can chat with your customers here, invite them to fish with you, and offer them trips that are not on your listing.

    If you have an unread message, you will see a notification in the top right-hand corner of the page.

    After a trip is confirmed

    Once you confirm a reservation, you can still contact the customer through your Inbox, or you can get in touch with them directly by phone or by email. The customer's phone number and a link to send them an email will appear in the customer's profile in your Inbox as soon as you confirm their trip. 

    If you'd like to contact customers after their trip has taken place, you can retrieve their booking details and information. Read this article to find out how.

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