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How to ace your first booking with FishingBooker


    Congratulations on your first FishingBooker booking! All the hard work in making your listing was worth it – it’s clear customers love what they see.


    Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be ready to make this booking the first of many. 

    1. Get in Touch with Your Customer

    Captains who communicate with customers before the trip get more positive reviews – and their customers are more likely to return. 

    When you have an upcoming booking, you can message your customer directly through FishingBooker or give them a call. 


    Make sure to agree on the following before the day of the trip:

    • The exact meeting place and time, and whether parking is available
    • What customers should bring with them
    • Any additional charges for bait, fuel, or refreshments


    Show me how to access your customer's contact details


    💡 Set up a Saved Response that covers the basic information about your charter and save time typing messages in the future.



    2. Handle Changes Smoothly


    In fishing, things don’t always pan out exactly how you expected, and that’s okay. But being flexible can make a huge difference to you and your customer. 


    For instance: if you or your customer want to change the trip’s start time, all you need to do is update your booking on FishingBooker. Both you and your customer can suggest changes, and the other party needs to approve them before they are confirmed. 


    Show me how to suggest a change to your booking



    💡 You can change bookings to another date if bad weather is forecast. Rescheduling bookings instead of canceling them is one of the best ways to grow your customer base.



    3. Get Ready for Your First Payment


    Your customer has already paid a trip deposit – this is the amount you set as your deposit/commission when you made your listing. 


    Now, you just need to collect the remaining amount. You can do this the day before, or the day of the trip. 


    Check how much you’ll receive in your booking confirmation, and make sure the payment options on your listing are up to date so the payment goes smoothly. 

    💡 Feel free to leave a note on your listing to tell customers about your tipping policy.



    4. Build Verified Reviews


    Every time a FishingBooker customer reviews your listing, this shows up as a “verified” review. Verified reviews affect your ranking as well as your future customers’ trust in you. 


    Show me what a verified review is


    💡 The best way to increase your positive reviews is to set great expectations before and during the trip. Customers tend to review the whole experience they had, not just the fish they caught!



    Get Support


    If you have any questions about your upcoming booking, head over to our support page. Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as our contact details. 


    Good luck with your trip! If you need us, we’re just a phone call away.


    💡 Managing your bookings is easy with the FishingBooker for Captains app. If you haven’t already, download it here!


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