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Can I add multiple phone numbers to my account?

    Users currently cannot connect multiple phone numbers to one FishingBooker account.

    If you personally run your FishingBooker account, we recommend connecting your cell phone number to your FishingBooker account in order to receive notifications about new and existing bookings on time.

    If you have someone helping you manage your calendar and bookings on FishingBooker, enter their phone number so we can easily send updates about new and existing bookings.

    We recommend sending us your personal cell phone number as well as a business one, in case we (or customers) need to reach you urgently. Your secondary number will not receive any notifications and will only be used if we can't reach you at your primary number.

    The phone number you submit will be visible to customers upon trip confirmation. It is important for customers to be able to reach you or your office easily to set the details for their trip.

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