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How can I use my credit?

    If you've received credit from FishingBooker, you can use it towards your next booking with us. To use it, you must be logged in to the profile to which credit was applied. 

    You can check your credit balance and expiration date by clicking the Credit button on your FishingBooker profile. 

    There are two types of credit, Cash Back and Prepaid. Both are applied only to the deposit portion of the booking.

    Using your Credit

    Cash Back Credit

    If you have Cash Back Credit on your FishingBooker account, you'll receive a refund or partial refund of your deposit the next time you book a trip. If you have enough credit, you can use it for more than one booking. 

    Please note, the refund will only be processed once a successful trip is completed.

    Prepaid Credit

    If you have Prepaid Credit, you'll be asked to provide your credit card details when booking your next trip, but your account will only be charged $0.01 or the amount of the deposit minus your credit amount. If you have enough credit, you can use it for more than one booking.


    Credits are automatically applied when you book your next trip. If you don't want to use it on a certain trip, we suggest that you or your friend book it from another profile.

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