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What are FishingBooker's standards and expectations?

    In order to help us provide an easy and effortless experience for you and for customers, we ask that you keep on top of your profile, listing, and communication. Our system rewards captains that follow these best practices with ranking boosts. We expect you to do your best to do the following:

    • Match your prices: FishingBooker provides a Best Price Guarantee, meaning that your offers on our website must be the same as on any other online platform. 
    • Keep your listing updated: Make sure all the information on your listing is up to date to provide customers with accurate details about what they can expect. This will lead to a better experience all round and more positive reviews. 
    • Update your calendar: Blocking dates on which you are unavailable will lead to you declining fewer trips, leading to a good reliability score and positive ranking.
    • Respond to requests in a timely manner: Booking requests expire after 24 hours, so respond in time to accept the trips FishingBooker sends you and help your business grow.
    • Respect your customers: Our partnership is based on successful fishing trips. Commit to the trips we send you and respond to your inquiries quickly and professionally.
    • Change the details of your trip when needed: Use the change booking feature to update scheduled trips as soon as possible and you'll save bookings that need to be rescheduled. You can also cancel if absolutely necessary. Contact FishingBooker for any urgent or complicated changes. 

    For more information, you can read FishingBooker's Rules and Guidelines, Vendor Interface Agreement, and Terms of Use.

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