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How do star ratings work?

    In addition to leaving a written review, customers can give captains a star rating in three different categories, and provide Yes/No answers to six different questions. 

    Customers can give star ratings for the:

    • Equipment and boat
    • Captain and crew
    • Overall experience

    The number of stars displayed at the top of a listing page and on the search result page is an aggregate of the star rating guests have given for that listing.


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    Customers will have the option to provide Yes or No answers to the following questions:

    • Do you recommend this trip?
    • Is this fishing trip appropriate for children?
    • Was the captain friendly and professional during your trip?
    • Were you satisfied with the quality of the boat?
    • Was the experience what you expected when you booked?
    • Did you catch the fish you intended?

    Yes/No ratings are shown as the percentage of people who voted Yes for a particular question.

    Please note that a review needs to be completed all the way to the end in order for it to be visible on the listing. If it is not complete, customers can continue editing from where they left off within 30 days after the trip. If more than 30 days have passed, customers can contact us to leave a review.

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