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What happens if I cancel an Instant Book reservation?

    If you have enabled Instant Book on your listing, you are expected to keep your calendar up to date and to avoid double bookings. If a date is open, both we and your potential customers presume you are available.

    If you cancel an Instant Book reservation due to a scheduling conflict, such as a double booking, your Instant Book feature will be affected. After three Instant Book cancellations, the feature will be automatically turned off. You can turn it back on, but if you cancel again (a fourth time), the feature will be disabled for one year. 

    This will not happen if the cancellation is due to:

    • Bad or unsafe weather conditions.
    • A boat malfunction 
    • A short notice booking (e.g., when a customer books a trip after 8 PM today, for tomorrow.)
    • A shared trip fails to meet the minimum number of people.
    • Emergencies and extenuating circumstances.

    If you want to know how to turn on the Instant Book feature, read this article

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