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What is Online Payments?

    Online Payments is a payment option that your customers can use in order to pay the full amount of the trip price upfront when booking a charter. After a successful trip, the remaining balance will be transferred to the bank account registered to your FishingBooker profile.

    The process is automatic, which allows you to focus your attention on the fishing experience instead of worrying about the remaining balance, and you have a safety net in case a customer breaches your cancellation policy.

    If you're interested in setting up Online Payments as a payment option, click here and fill out your details.

    Please be aware that when using the Online Payments feature, there is a payment processor fee of 2.65% plus $0.30. This fee is deducted from your remaining balance of the total trip price and is charged by Stripe, the payment processor. FishingBooker also incurs the same fee for processing the deposit of the entire trip price.

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