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What happens if I need to decline a booking request?

    Sometimes you'll receive a booking request for a date or time slot that you're unavailable for. When you decline a booking, your reliability score is negatively affected, which impacts your ranking

    To minimize the chance of having to decline a booking request, you should keep your calendar up to date, so that only the dates on which you're free are available to customers on FishingBooker.

    If you still need to decline a booking request, you'll need to specify the reason for declining the trip and provide some information to the customer as to why you need to decline.

    To decline a booking request, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your Bookings and find the pending booking request.
    2. Click Decline.
    3. Select a reason.
    4. If you still want to decline, tick the box confirming so, and click Decline booking.
    5. Enter as much information as possible about why you have to decline the request.
    6. Click Confirm.

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