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Why was my Instant Message declined?

    FishingBooker has several safeguards in place to protect both you and your customers when communicating through Instant Messaging. Your message may be declined if:

    It looks like you're encouraging your customer to book with you directly

    Sending your phone number or email address, or asking customers to call you, can trigger the system's automatic filter.

    Tip: Let customers know in an Instant Message that they'll receive your details once everything's confirmed. This will encourage them to book and make sure your messages go through. 

    You direct customers to your social media page or website

    If you try to show customers photos on social media or ask them to like or follow your page, your message can be declined.

    Tip: Keep your FishingBooker listing and fishing report photos up to date and you won't need to send them to your social media pages. This will make sure your message doesn't get declined and will keep communication with the customer open. 

    You try to arrange a date and time with a customer before they've booked

    You're free to share your location or meeting point, but letting the customer know a meeting time before they've booked with you will result in a message being declined.

    Tip: Include general details about your location in your listing description or messages. Once the customer books with you, you can agree on the specifics.

    You try to contact a customer directly to rebook a trip that's been canceled

    If a booking is canceled, the same rules about sharing contact details apply as above. 

    Tip: Suggest an alternative date through FishingBooker's system rather than canceling and rebooking. This way, you'll keep your customer's contact details and will be more likely to successfully take them fishing.

    Our system also filters out messages that contain explicit or illegal material, or spam. Please refer to our Rules and Guidelines for more information.

    If you believe your message was mistakenly declined, please contact us and we'll investigate.

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