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What should I include in my description?

    Along with your photos and trip packages, one of the main attractions of your listing will be your description. FishingBooker will create a customized description to help you rank better on search engines. The information you provide here will help us make it unique.

    While the information you give in the Basic Info and Fishing section of your listing will help us make your listing stand out, we also suggest you let us know the following:

    • The techniques you use
    • Your experience
    • Any gear you provide
    • What the customers should bring
    • Anything else that sets you apart from other guides in your area

    It's also helpful if you let us know your target audience. We will then be able to tailor your description to professionals or novices, as needed.

    Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and websites are not allowed in your description, and will be removed. Please refer to our Rules and Guidelines for more information.


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