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How do I give my customer a refund?

    If you need to issue a refund to a customer, you are only responsible for refunding the balance the customer paid directly to you.

    Full Refunds

    As per FishingBooker's policy, the customer pays a deposit to reserve their trip date, and then pays the remaining balance to you on the day of the trip or one day prior. 

    If you already collected the balance and the trip has since been canceled, you can issue a refund via the customer's payment method. FishingBooker will refund the deposit payment.

    Partial Refunds

    Depending on who decided to change the trip details and the reasons why, FishingBooker will partially refund either you or the customer.

    In case a trip is cut short, and the customer's remaining balance is lower, please charge the new balance and contact us so that we may issue a partial refund of the deposit.

    Trips Paid in Full

    Online Payment, or trips paid in full, are the ones where the entire transaction goes through FishingBooker. 

    Our online payment system offers security and transparency, holding funds securely until the trip concludes, after which they are released to you. To ensure we are able to refund the customer without delays, it is important to cancel the trip before it happens, or inform FishingBooker specialists about the cancellation. By keeping us informed and reaching out for assistance when needed, we can ensure that refunds are processed promptly and efficiently, maintaining our commitment to excellent customer service.

    In case the trip is canceled after it's been completed and the funds have been to you, we will wait 1-2 business days until the funds settle in your account. After that, we will send a reimbursement request via email, which will ask you to fill out your credit card information so we can perform a chargeback. Once this is completed, we will be able to refund the customer for the canceled trip.

    It is of utmost importance to settle your reimbursement in a timely manner to ensure it does not affect your listing or your ranking negatively.


    Refund Example

    Original trip price: $800
    Deposit paid to FishingBooker: $160 (20%)
    Balance due to be paid to the captain: $640

    New trip price: $400
    Deposit FishingBooker should keep: $80 (20%)
    Balance the captain should charge: $320

    So in this case, once you collect $320 from the customer - contact us and let us know. Then we can partially refund the customer for the remaining $80 from their deposit.


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