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What is FishingBooker's cancellation policy?

    When a booking is canceled, the deposit taken at the time of booking will be transferred to either the captain or customer, depending on who initiated the cancellation and when it took place.

    If the booking was paid for in full upfront via Online Payment and the customer is in violation of the cancellation policy, the funds will be distributed as if the booking took place; the deposit will stay with FishingBooker, and the remaining balance will be sent to the captain.

    When Customers Cancel

    When a customer requests to cancel their trip, their request will be processed according to the captain's cancellation policy.

    The cancellation policy is visible on a charter listing page. To view this information, scroll down to the Policies section of the page.


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    If the customer breaches the captain's cancellation policy, the captain will receive the funds the customer paid online on FishingBooker. This does not apply to cases of bad weather or extenuating circumstances, when customers are eligible for a full refund.


    When Captains Cancel

    The customer will always get a refund if the captain is responsible for canceling a trip. If the cancellation was due to a scheduling issue on behalf of the captain – for example, in cases of double bookings – their listing will receive a rankings drop, an automatic cancellation review, and an Instant Book warning. 

    Bad Weather and Mechanical Issues

    As safety is of the utmost priority for FishingBooker, if it is unsafe to run a trip due to a boat malfunction or bad weather, the captain will not be held responsible for canceling trips.

    We ask captains to inform us when they have mechanical issues so that we can set correct expectations for their customers.

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