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How do I cancel a reservation as a captain?

    You may sometimes need to cancel a trip due to bad weather, personal circumstances, or a number of other reasons. These reasons can come up before or on your trip date.

    To cancel before the trip date:

    1. Go to your Bookings.
    2. Find the booking you want to cancel and select View Details.
    3. Select Cancel Booking.
    4. Select one of the options from the dropdown menu.
      • You'll be given the option to suggest a new date. 
    5. If you still need to cancel, tick the box stating "I still need to cancel" and click Next until you reach the final screen.
      • Please provide as much information as possible regarding why you need to cancel.
    6. Choose Yes, Cancel.

    Show me the steps on desktop

    Show me the steps on the FishingBooker for Captains app

     To cancel after your trip date:

    1. Go to your Bookings.
    2. Filter so that you can see All bookings.
    3. Find the booking you want to cancel and select View Details.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Report cancellation.
    5. Enter as much information as possible concerning the cancellation.
    6. Click Report cancellation.
    7. The cancellation report will be reviewed and handled by a FishingBooker specialist.

    Show me the steps

    Please note that all cancellation requests must be sent within 15 days of the trip date. 

    Once we receive your cancellation request we will process it according to your reason and cancellation policy. If you need to cancel due to unavoidable circumstances, your listing will not be penalized. 

    If you have any questions about processing cancellations, you can contact us.

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