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What penalties apply if I need to cancel a reservation?

    We understand that cancellations happen. But, as they disrupt your customer's plans, penalties may be applied to your account depending on the reason for your cancellation.

    Cancellations that are your responsibility negatively affect your reliability score, which is one of the main factors in determining ranking. This means that canceling trips can negatively impact your ranking on FishingBooker.

    An automatic cancellation review will also be posted on your listing, and your calendar will stay blocked for the dates of the canceled reservation.

    Instant Book Cancellations

    If you have the Instant Book feature enabled, you can cancel a maximum of four trips before the feature is disabled on your listing. You will only be able to reactivate the feature one year from the date of the first canceled trip.

    These cancellations will count towards your success rate and will impact your ranking.

    Penalty-Free Cancellations

    No penalties will be applied to your account if you cancel a trip for one of the following reasons:

    • Boat malfunction: If you are unable to run your trip due to a boat malfunction, the cancellation will be 100% penalty-free.
    • Bad weather: As safety on board is of the utmost priority, bad weather cancellations are 100% penalty-free.
    • Emergencies & extenuating circumstances: If you were forced to cancel due to an emergency, your account will not be penalized.

    If you received a penalty notice for an emergency cancellation, please contact us and we'll resolve the situation. 

    FishingBooker reviews all cancellations and, if we find that you have been incorrectly selecting a penalty-free cancellation reason, you can still be penalized.

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