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Can I list multiple boats on one listing?

    Each listing on FishingBooker includes detailed information about the charter operator's service and vessel, which is why we only advertise one boat per listing. You can have multiple listings for each of your different boats, and manage the calendars of all your separate listings at once.

    All of your listings are connected by your profile and will appear under it. This will give your business greater visibility as a whole.

    You can advertise multiple boats on one listing only if:
    • The type of boat is the same (center console, skiff, etc.).
    • The capacity is the same.
    • The length is almost identical (within two inches).
    • The trip prices are the same.
    • The amenities are the same.
    • The location is the same.
    If all of the above are applicable, you can have multiple boats on one listing. Please make sure to include at least one picture of each boat. It's best if you have a picture of the boats together, next to each other.

    If you have any questions about this or want to discuss it further, please contact us.

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