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How do I create a listing on FishingBooker?

    In order to create a listing on FishingBooker, you need to have an account. To create a listing, please follow the steps below:

    If you don't have an account

    Follow these steps to sign up and list your business on FishingBooker:

    1. Go to
    2. Click Get Started.
    3. Fill out your contact information, create a password, and click Sign Up.
    4. Fill out your business information and click Finish Registration.


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    When you finish all the above, you'll be ready to make your first listing! See our tips below for more information on creating a listing.

    If you already have an account

    1. Go to your Listings
    2. Click on + New Listing.
    3. Enter the location of your listing.
    4. Click Save & Create Listing.


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    Signed up as a customer? Learn how to change your account type here.



    After filling in your listing details, follow the tips below for each section:


    Basic Info

    In this section, you tell us what type of business you run and how many guests you can take on a trip.

    You’ll be asked to fill in a series of checkboxes about the facilities you offer, depending on your listing type. Customers are more likely to book if they see detailed information.

    • Make sure to mention all of the amenities you have available.
    • You can add additional information to all amenities on the page by clicking the Add comment button.

    Photos & Videos

    This section is where you can show off your happy customers and their big catches. This article will teach you how to upload and rearrange your photos and videos.



    In this section, you will be asked to list your most popular targets, the common fishing techniques you use, and other details about what you provide to your customers.

    • Make sure to list all of your most popular targets.
    • The more information you provide on exactly where or how far offshore you fish, the more likely customers are to book.
    • Write down which locations you're fishing at, such as rivers, lakes, bays, or known fishing spots.
    • If you use any well-known brands of fishing gear, you can include that information by adding a comment to your tackle information.
    • If you provide your customers with snacks, drinks, lunch, or anything else that's included in the price of the trip, make sure to mention that as well.


    Listing an exact address where customers can meet you helps all trips go smoothly. Here you can see how to set and update your listing's location.



    This is the main selling point of your listing, where customers decide whether or not to book with you.

    • Write as much information as you can about your service, the type of trips you do, and anything else that's important or unique about your business.
    • Once you publish your listing, our team of professional writers will polish your description to increase your visibility and your chances of getting booked. The more information you provide when listing your boat, the better your description will be.
    • Do you do something no other captain in the area does? Make sure to write that down so that you can stand out.


    Here, you can set your advance notice and booking window however it suits you best, and turn Instant Book on or off. You can find more information about the Instant Book feature here.

    The booking window lets you choose how far in advance your trips can be booked. This can come in handy if you are planning on changing the prices for the next season and want to avoid being booked in the meantime.

    Start Week On is a section that allows you to choose the starting day of your week. Although in most countries, Monday is the first day of the week, in some parts of the world (including the USA, Canada, and Australia), Sunday is considered the first day of the week. Depending on your habits and preferences, you can choose and select the starting day of the week on your FishignBooker calendar, as shown in the screenshot below.  



    Create packages for all the trips you normally offer. If you want to offer specialty trips and need assistance, contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

    You can learn how to add, manage, and edit your trips here.



    In this section, you can set the commission rate, your accepted payment methods, your cancellation policy, and other terms.

    This article will teach you how to adjust the commission on your listing.



    In order to avoid being double-booked, you can account for non-FishingBooker customers by marking days on your calendar as either open or closed; this will prevent FishingBooker customers from requesting trips on days when you're already booked. If you have multiple FishingBooker listings, you can efficiently manage the calendars on all of them using the Multicalendar feature.

    Learn how to update and manage your FishingBooker calendar here and about the Multicalendar feature here.



    If your listing has a location somewhere in the US, you will need to verify it right away. Until you do, your listing will be visible to you as a captain. However, customers will not be able to see it or access it. Learn more about the verification process here


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